Certificate Program What? How? And Why? Of Learning the Law


Certificate Program

What? How? And Why? Of Learning the Law

9th October – 14th October 2017

Individuals who ‘learn how to learn’ develop lifelong learning skills. To achieve this studying law with an interdisciplinary approach is desirable. This would lead the students to become independent, confident professionals. Besides learning social sciences as a part of curriculum, learning them for building strong foundations of a legal career is important. This program aims at training the first year law students in the technique of learning and understanding law and legislations in connection with Political Science, Sociology.

After successfully completing this program, the student shall be able to – 

  1. 1.      Understand the method and technique of learning law in an interdisciplinary manner. 
  2. 2.      Comprehend the working of the legal system in light of the social, political and other perspectives. 
  3. 3.      Learn law in a pragmatic and systematic manner. 

The program will be delivered by eminent academicians and senior lawyers. 

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Eligibility                    –           1st Year Law Students 

Dates                           –           9th October – 14th October 2017 time – 8.00 am to 10.00 am 

Duration                      –           6 Days  

Number of Seats         –           50 

Registration                 –           Online

Registration fees         –           2000/- + GST 18% = 2360/-

Contact Details           –           Ms. Deepali Manjrekar – deepali.manjarekar@ilslaw.in 

                                                Phone No. – 9922969717 

Note:Certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the program. 

Attendance is compulsory.