Certificate Course on Technology & Law 2019-20

Indian Law Society announces 

Certificate Course on Technology & Law


Faculty In- Charge: Ms. Smita Sabne


Eligibility: Students of 1st year LLB onwards and IIIrd B.S L. onwards. 

Registration: 13th August, 2019 to 23rd August, 2019

Duration: 23rd August, 2019 to 18th October, 2019

Number of Lectures: Every Friday – (4 hours)

Time: 3.00 pm onwards       

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Number of Seats: 50

Registration Fee: Rs. 15000 + Rs. 2700 =Rs. 17700

Attendance is compulsory for all the sessions to be eligible for certificates.

Payment Mode:  Online Only

Payment can be done online through Direct SBI, Net banking and Credit card.


Office Coordinator: In case of any correspondence please contact Ms. Deepali Manjarekar – deepali.manjarekar@ilslaw.in