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ILS Competitive Exam Cell - NCERT Study Programme

ILS Law College, Competitive Exam Cell, is organising NCERT study programme for all the aspirants of civil services. As NCERT books form an important part of syllabus of almost all civil services exams, we are introducing this programme with focus on NCERT books and their preparation. The programme aims to aid the future aspirants in preparation from NCERT books. This will provide guidance to all those who are starting to prepare for any competitive exam and want a source to start with.

We propose to commence the first program in the subject of History from 2nd march, 2020.and  it will be run for 15 days. After completion of 15 days there will be an assessment test.

The programme will include

  • Lectures by subject experts
  • Session by students
  • Video lectures
  • Discussion and doubt clarifying sessions
  • Examination (in form of multiple-choice questions)
  • Results

Date of Commencement: 2nd March 2020

Date of registration :- 1st  March 2020

Registration fee:  Rs. 100 + GST of 18 %  

For further information please contact: –

Faculty in charge:

Dr. Kamlakar Waghmare

Ms. Varsha Khandagale

Students coordinators:

Ekta Singhmar (III BA LLB) – +91 9671682763

Rachna Basa (IV BA LLB)- +91 8983138739

Richa Tiwatane (IV BA LLB)- +917028490912