International (Online) Seminar on Forging New Paths Between International Law and Relations has been postponed.

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Please note that the seminar has been postponed till further notice. 

About ILS Law College

The year 2023-2024 marks a golden period for the Indian Law Society and ILS Law College, where the Society completes 101 years, and the college completes its centenary year. The College has been a forerunner in providing inclusive and innovative legal education. Generations of illustrious alumni have carried ahead its reputation in all walks of life. Guided by the philosophy that, ‘Everything is centred in law,’ ILS has nurtured its own culture by effectively combining the theory and practice of law.


About the Centre for International Law

The Centre for International Law was set up in 2014 to increase awareness about international law. The Centre aims to instill a passion for the subject by initiating discussions and conducting activities involving the various aspects and developments of international law. The Centre is student-driven and is instrumental in organising debates, presentations, seminars, and publishing a fortnightly newsletter.


About the Conference and the Theme

International relations are the bedrock upon which the framework of international law is built, providing the norms, principles, and rules that govern the routine behaviour of States. The dynamics of international relations, characterized by power disparities, geopolitical rivalries, and shifting alliances, profoundly shape the development, interpretation, and enforcement of international law. In an era marked by unprecedented challenges, where the intersection between international law and relations has moved far beyond academic discourse, political interactions between States take the spotlight. With overwhelming participation in international bodies, States can neither operate in a vacuum nor ignore one another on the global stage.

From the role of regional blocs in shaping diplomatic initiatives to the challenges of reforming multilateral institutions, our discussions will delve into the complex interplay between law, politics, and diplomacy in the international arena. It is now time to shift our focus to international relations to better understand the world as it is and mould it for the future.



  1. To critically examine the existing world order through the lens of changing political dynamics and geopolitics; and
  2. To shed light on the functioning and efficacy of international bodies in the law-making process.


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  • Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray, Assistant  Professor
  • Ms. Divya Mittal, Assistant  Professor
  • Mr. Rohit Bokil, Assistant  Professor

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  • Ms. Abha Dalal (+91+ 95189 60554)

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