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3rd edition of the Course in Legislative Drafting

“Let all the laws be clear, uniform and precise. To interpret laws is almost always to corrupt them.”— Voltaire

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies announces the holding of the 3rd edition of the course in legislative drafting. This course is conducted annually under the aegis of the Institute.  It is conducted for the benefit of law students as well as members of faculty. It is proposed to conduct this programme in the first week of March 2020.

 Purpose of the course:

Legislations or statutes, as commonly referred, is the primary source of law in our country. Laws are made for the smooth functioning of the society.  Thus Law needs to be intelligible and transmit the purpose for which the law is made to the end user. Yet, several challenges are encountered by the legal professionals while applying and interpreting the statutes due to many factors, many shortcomings, which exist in the drafting, process of statutes.

This certificate course provides an in-depth analysis of the principles underlying legislative drafting in common law jurisdictions with special reference to Indian legal system.

The galaxy of the professionals who were a part of the programme held in the year 2019 were – to mention a few of them;  Mr. T.K. Viswanathan, Law Secretary, Government of India; Prof. (Dr.) P. Ishwara Bhat, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Law University, Mr. Manas Kumar Chaudhuri, Partner, Khaitan & Co., New Delhi,  Ms. Devika Singh, Advocate, Ms. Shreya Mittal, Advocate, Ms. Dhvani Mehta. This year, we look forward to invite stalwarts like Professor Upendra Baxi, Ms Amita Dhanda, Professor, NALSAR, Hyderabad, Prof. N.K. Chakraborty and others, whose knowledge and expertise is sure to provide the participants with an in-depth understanding of the process of legislative drafting.

The purpose of the training programme is to promote an ethos amongst the participants about the necessity of drafting statutes in clear, simple and easy to understand language. This certificate course aims at capacity building of the participants in effective drafting of laws and also exposes them to the essential skills that a good draftsman must hold.


Days                                     : Three days in a week (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Timings                                : 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Timings may differ according to the convenience of the resource person.)

Fees for the course              : Rs.12, 712/-+ 18% GST =Rs. 15,000/-

Interested students are requested to register their names on or before 27th February 2020.

Faculty Coordinators:

Ms. Sathya Narayan

Dr. Shaila Daware

Ms. Pooja G. Kannurkar



Office Coordinator:

Ms. Manjusha Gurjar