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Internal Examinations 2020-21

Syllabi for II, III LLB and II, III, IV BALLB

Internal examination of the above classes shall be conducted by way of written examination ( 10 Marks) during 12th to 16th October 2020. For this examination, subject-wise syllabus is notified below. The Internal Examination will not be conducted for the Practical Training subjects for which journals are required to be maintained. Students are requested to read the topics carefully and prepare for the examination. Detailed notice, rules and questions for the  written examination would uploaded soon on the website.

Also note that the separate timetable will be displayed on the website for viva-voce examination (10 marks).

Syllabus for the Examination

II BALLB – All divisions – Theories of Development and Indian Economy

  1. Difference between Economics Growth and Development; Indicators of Economic Development
  2. Concept of Human Development; Determination of HDI and PQLI 
  3. Concept of Sustainable Development; Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Issues in Indian Agriculture; with Reference to Contemporary Trends 

II BALLB – All divisions – Legal Language and Legal Reasoning

  1. Law and Language
  2. Principles of Legal Writing
  3. Arguments- Non Arguments and Syllogism
  4. Informal Fallacies

II BALLB – All divisions – Public Policy and Public Administration

  1. Meaning and Evolution of Public Administration
  2. Relationship of Public Administration with Political Science and Law
  3. Public Policy Process- Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation
  4. Approaches to Public Administration- Traditional Approaches and the Recent Approaches

II BALLB – Div. A and C – Society in India

  1. Processes of change- Sanskritization, Westernization and Modernization
  2. Social Movements-Tribal Movements
  3. Social Stratification- Tribe and Gender
  4. Segments of society and its Characteristics- Urban and Rural Society.

II BALLB – Div. B and D – Society in India

  1. Religious Pluralism in India
  2. Tribal Society
  3. Urban Society
  4. Social Stratification: caste class and gender

III BALLB – All divisions – Law of Crimes

  1. General Principles of Criminal Law (General Explanations- Section 6 to 53)
  2. General Defenses (General Exceptions – Section- 76 to 106)
  3. Offences against Public Tranquility (Section 141 to 160)
  4. Administration of Justice (Section 191 to 211)

III BALLB – All divisions – Law of Contract

  1. Offer
  2. Acceptance 
  3. Consideration 
  4. Capacity to Contract 

III BALLB – All divisions – Family Law-I

  1. Sources and Schools of Muslim Law
  2. Dower under Muslim Law
  3. Marriage under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1955
  4. Marriage under Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936

III BALLB – All divisions – Legal History

  1. Early Administration of Justice in the Madras Presidency – its beginnings and all the 3 Stages of development and Court systems and the merits and demerits.
  2. Charter of 1726 –reasons for its genesis, all the provisions inclusive of Municipal Corporations, Mayor’s Courts, Court of Quarter session, Sheriff’s court, Local Legislature, Working of the Charter and Critical estimate of the working of the Mayor’s Court from 1726 up to 1753.
  3. Adalat System of Warren Hastings in Bengal – Dual Government in Bengal and its consequences, Judicial Plans of 1772, 1774 and 1780, merits and demerits of each plan.
  4. The Regulating Act of 1773 – Circumstances prior to the Act of 1773, Salient features of the Regulating Act, 1773 and the Charter of 1774 and Critical estimate of the Provisions of the Regulating Act, 1773 and the Charter of 1774.

III BALLB – Equity and Trust Law (Optional Subject)

  1. Creation of trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882
  2. Duties and liabilities of trustee
  3. Rights and powers of trustee
  4. Disabilities of trustee 

III BALLB – Intellectual Property Rights-I (Optional Subject)


  1. Nature and Concept of Intellectual Property
  2. Origins and Historical Development of Intellectual Property
  3. Types of Intellectual Properties
  4. IP Monopoly and Conflict with Public Interest

III BALLB – Criminal Psychology and Criminal Sociology (Optional Subject)

  1. Pre-classical, classical, and neo-classical school in criminology
  2. Positivist School of Criminology
  3. Personality Approach to Criminology 
  4. Cognitive Approach to Criminology

IV BALLB – All divisions – Indian Constitutional Law-II

  1. Essential characteristics of Indian Federalism, distinguish from American Federalism
  2. President of India
  3. Money Bill
  4. Constitution, Powers and Functions of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

IV BALLB – All divisions

Property Law including the Transfer of Property including Easement

  1. Module 01 Concepts, meaning and types of property
  2. Module 02 Transfer of property 
  3. Module 03 General principles relating to transfer of property  
  4. Module 04 General principles relating to transfer of immovable property

IV BALLB and II LLB – Investment and Securities Law (Optional Subject)

  1. Historical evolution of Investment and Securities Laws
  2. Regulatory Framework to Govern Securities in India
  3. Concept of Securities Market and Securities Market Intermediaries
  4. Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Depositories Act, 1996

IV BALLB and II LLB – Criminal Minor Acts (Optional Subject)

  1. A) Regulation, control and discipline of the Police Force under the Maharashtra Police Act
  2. B) Powers and duties of Police Officers for regulation and maintenance of law and Order
  3. Offences and Punishments under the Maharashtra Police Act
  4. Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act, 1999
  5. Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988

IV BALLB and II LLB – Co-operative Law (Optional Subject)

  1. Theory and Principles of Co-operation
  2. History, Growth and Development of Co-operation
  3. Registration of co-operative society
  4. By-laws of co-operative society

II LLB – All divisions – Constitutional Law II

  1. Comparison between Indian and American Federalism
  2. Peculiar Features of Indian Federalism
  3. Powers and functions of Parliament
  4. Parliamentary Privileges

II LLB – All divisions – Property Law and Easement

  1. Meaning and Definition ‘Transfer of Property’
  2. Properties which may be transferred
  3. Conditional transfers- Conditions restraining alienation, enjoyment
  4. Doctrine of notice

II LLB and IV BALLB – All divisions – Public International Law

  1. Codification of International Law and Work of International Law Commission.
  2. Sources of International Law.
  3. Relationship between International Law and Municipal Law.
  4. State as a subject of International Law.

III LLB – All divisions – Civil Procedure Code

  1. Pleadings and Plaint
  2. Interim Orders
  3. Caveat-Sec 148 A
  4. Order-1

III LLB – Div B+20 – Environmental Law

  1. Environment Protection under the Constitution of India
  2. Authorities: Powers and Functions under the Water Act, 1974
  3. Noise Pollution causes and effect of Noise pollution remedies
  4. Offences and Penalties under the Air Act, 1981

III LLB – Div A+20 – Environmental Law

  1. Common Law Aspects of Environmental Law
  2. Distribution of Legislative Powers
  3. Fundamental Rights and DPSPs and Environmental Law
  4. Writ Jurisdiction and Environmental Law

III LLB – All divisions – Interpretation of Statutes

  1. Literal Rule of interpretation 
  2. Mischief Rule of Interpretation 
  3. Golden Rule of interpretation 
  4. Statutes to be read as a whole 

III LLB – Land Laws-I (Optional Subject)

  1. Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1963
  2. Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, 1970
  3. Object and Features of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016
  4. Registration of Real Estate Project

III LLB – Principles of Taxation Law (Optional Subject)

  1. Residential status of Individual
  2. Allowances and perquisites (Income from salaries)
  3. Clubbing of Income
  4. Types of assessments.

III LLB – International Law on Air, Space and Sea (Optional Subject)

  1. Definition, Nature, Scope and Sources of Air Law
  2. Freedom of Air and Sovereignty over airspace
  3. Territorial Sea
  4. High Seas