National Seminar on Synergies in the Digital Age : 16th March 2024

ILS Law College, Pune is happy to announce a National Seminar on

Synergies in the Digital Age: Exploring the intersection of IPR, Tech Laws, Data Protection, AI and Media Laws

16th March 2024

In this era of unprecedented connectivity, the interaction of Media Laws, AI and IPR has become increasingly crucial. Digitisation has greatly transformed the dissemination of information and the business world, blurring traditional boundaries and challenging established legal frameworks. 

This seminar provides a comprehensive exploration of the intricate intersections within the legal landscape in the rapidly evolving digital age. Focusing on the symbiotic relationship between Media Laws, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), the event aims to unravel the complexities arising from the widespread digitalization of information and foster nuanced understanding and intellectual agility through speeches and panel discussions by experts.

Stepping into its Centenary Year, the College has maintained a strong tradition of pioneering innovation in legal education and contribute to the discussions of the current age. 

We, at ILS Law College earnestly hope that this seminar will serve as a forum for discussion of some of the most pressing topics of this digitally evolved age.

Registration Details:

Every person interested in participating in the conference must register by paying the registration fees.

The registration fee (including GST) is as follows:-



ILS Students (including GST)

INR 350

Indian Students and Ph.D. Scholars (including GST)

INR 450

Indian Academicians/ Professionals/ Practitioners (including GST)

INR 450

International Students and Ph.D. Scholars (excluding bank transaction charges)

USD 10

International Academicians/ Professionals/ Practitioners (excluding bank transaction charges)

USD 10

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Suvarna Nilakh (Assistant Professor)
  • Vindhya Gupta (Assistant Professor)

Student Coordinators:

  • Amol Gupta (94530 02071)
  • Savani Budhkar (77964 83964)

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