One Day National Seminar on “Gender Issues in Contemporary India”

3 March 2018


ILS Law College, Pune is organising a one day national seminar on “Gender Issues in Contemporary India”. The seminar will focus on various gender issues existing in our society and the past and current understanding of gender roles. The objective of the seminar is to understand gender issues, analyse the existing laws and prepare legal professionals to contribute for the future. The seminar will see renowned lawyers, entrepreneurs, activists and film artists speaking about the topic by way of panel discussions.  In addition to the panel discussions, the seminar shall also see research article presentations by students from ILS Pune.


Session I: Gender Sensitization

What is gender? What is the difference between gender and sex? Why do we need sensitization? Human beings are often restricted to particular roles in society depending on their gender. Is this a barrier to human development? Who suffers from lack of understanding of gender isuues and who is to blame for this?

In this session we aim to identify the challenges of gender discrimination and address the problems of stereotyping gender roles rooted in cultural and social practices. This session will also highlight the stigma and discrimination faced by LGBTQ community and ways in which each one of us can contribute to ultimately end gender based prejudices.

Session II: Prevention of Sexual Harassment

The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is prevention. The line between harassment based on sex and harassment based on sexual orientation becomes blurred when gender-based stereotypes are at play. But what amounts to sexual harassment and what laws do we have to prevent it? Are the laws adequate? How can we reduce the risk of sexual harassment occurring at workplace?

This session aims at understanding the problems of sexual harassment at work place, the need for promoting anti-harassment policies, critical analysis of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and other laws protecting sexual harassment.

Session III: Gender Inequality in the Entertainment Sector

The entertainment industry is one of the fronts battling for gender equality. Most people would be surprised to learn that gender segregation plays out at different levels in the film industry.  Is Bollywood a male-dominated industry? Or is there a shortage of talented and well-trained women? Is there a division of pay between genders? We often hear people speak about gender imbalance, perception of women on screen and systematic underrepresentation of women in creative positions. But what is the actual scenario?

In this session we aim to explore the hidden gender stereotypes and inequality in entertainment sector. The challenges relating to objectification of women, gender pay gap and gender issues on screen and off screen in entertainment and advertising industries will be analysed and the need for positive measures will be discussed.


  1. Anand Pawar, Executive Director, SAMYAK
  2. Devika Singh, Advocate, New Delhi
  3. Priyanka Khimani, Partner, Anand and Anand & Khimani, Mumbai

DATE OF THE SEMINAR: 3 March, 2018

TIMINGS: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

VENUE: Principal Pandit Auditorium, ILS Law College, Pune



  1. Students from any discipline
  2. Professionals
  3. Academicians



ILS Students: Rs. 250/-

Non-ILS Students: Rs. 350/-

Professionals: Rs. 550/-





Faculty Co-ordinator:  Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar

Email Id:

Student Co-ordinator

Tishita Mukherjee -9503776026

Aditi Khobragade- 8446029995

Jash Vaidya- 9869582940

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