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Alumni Meet 2018

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AIKYAM 2.0 : Debate Competition

Topics: Media Trials- A Threat to Administration of Justice


  • Registration fees Rs. 200/- per team
  • A conventional debate seeks participation in a team of two speakers.
  • Each team is allowed two constructive speeches to be delivered, one speaker each. One speaker arguing for the motion, and the other speaker arguing against the motion.
  • Each speaker has a total time of 4 mins. Out of the 4 minutes, 3 minutes are strictly reserved for constructive speech. And 1 minute to answer a question.
  • After the first 3 minutes are completed, one question is expected from the other participants. In absence of a question from the participants, the judges may pose a question. The questions are not marked, but the use of the remaining 1 minute in response to the question is marked. If no questions are posed, the speaker may conclude their speech. In this case, judges will mark the speaker favorably, as no questions could be posed to their speech.
  • The questioner must confine himself to asking only questions and must refrain from making comments or asking rhetorical statements.
  • A team’s total score will be determined by combining the total scores received by each individual speaker.
  • Equity Framework Teams must maintain decorum in the debate room, must use professional and polite language, and must be equitable in their arguments and not hurt the sentiments of any community, especially based on their protected attributes, i.e., religion, sex, gender, race, caste, etc. Making generalizations on any community’s lived experiences should be strictly avoided.
  • ‘Intimidation, discriminatory behavior, damming of arguments or speakers, teasing fellow participants, or any other rude behavior during the competition would be strictly reprimanded.
  • The debate must either be in Hindi, Marathi or English
  • Please note: The host college will allow a maximum of 15 teams (30 participants) only on first come first basis.

Criteria for marking (Total 50 Marks):

  • Organization and Clarity in Speech (10 marks)
  • Use of Argument (10 marks)
  • Logical Analysis (10 marks)
  • Engagement (with the opposite side – preemptively or directly) (10 marks)
  • Presentation Style (10 marks)

Student Coordinators: Madhavraje: 9822581642/ Pratik: 9370547492