In Conversation with Bindumadhav Khire

Topic: – Moving beyond Gender Binary- erasing discriminatory barriers, acceptance and Inclusion

Gender Binary is a system which recognizes two and only two genders. It is rooted in the idea that one’s sex or gender is assigned at birth and will necessarily have to align with traditional social constructs of masculine and feminine identity, expression, and sexuality. The system of gender binary is rigid and any kind of inappropriate display in terms of gender roles, gender identities is stigmatized and becomes a source of discrimination.  Gender binaries creates institutionalized structures of power, and individuals who identify outside traditional gender binaries experience discrimination and harassment.

With a view to explore the oppressive power of such dominant norms, particularly relating to sexuality a talk on “Moving beyond Gender Binary- Erasing Discriminatory Barriers, Acceptance and Inclusion” is organized as a part of the ILS Legal Aid Fest.

The Talk will examine the following issues –

  • To analyze the institutionalized system of gender binary.
  • To examine the issues of discrimination and exclusion arising due to the system of gender binary
  • Issues related to gender identity.
  • Issues related to sexual orientation
  • Examining the possibilities and strategies of creating inclusive spaces

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