40 hour Civil-Commercial Mediation Training Programme

ILS Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (ILSCA), Pune

In collaboration with

ADR ODR International, UK  


CMC and SIMI Accredited

40 hour Civil-Commercial Mediation Training Programme
Pune India
16-20 March 2020

10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


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Please note that there are multiple Registration Fees for the Programme. Delegates have to pay ADR ODR and ILSCA registration fees separately.

  • For ADR ODR Registration fee

Each delegate will need to complete ADR ODR online booking FORM from the ADR ODR Website (click Pune course info page).  The ADR ODR team will further instruct about mode of payments.

  • For ILSCA Registration fee

Delegate can register and pay ILSCA fees online by visiting ilslaw.edu


1] Registration fees for Students:

ADR ODR fee = 30,000 INR

      ILSCA fee = 10,000 INR (Inclusive of GST)



2] Registration fees for Professionals:

ADR ODR fee = 50,000 INR

ILSCA fee = 10,000 INR (Inclusive of GST)


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For further queries contact any of the following 

Faculty Co-Coordinators:

Sathya Narayan, Director ILSCA

Pooja Kannurkar, Research Associate,

Office Coordinator: –   

Manjusha Gurjar

Contact No. 020 25676866              Email id – ilsca@ilslaw.in