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Diploma in Human Rights & Laws 2019-20

Notice for Admission


“ The lectures of the course will commence on 13th August 2019 , in Hall No. 12 at 9.30 am.”


The admissions for Diploma will commence from 25th August 2019.  Last date for applying is 31st August 2019.


Click Here for Application Form.

Student have to submit the Application Form along with Payment Receipt at time of Commencement of Lectures.

Admission will be confirmed on payment of the fees.

Fees : 

Rs 12390/- ( Current ILS students ) Rs 14750/- (Non ILS including ex-students of ILS) including GST.

Class timings and days : Every Tuesday and Wednesday 8.00 am to 10.00 a m (tentative)

Course Co-ordinator : Dr Sita Bhatia (Mob no 9881159569)

The lectures will begin from 6th August 2019 at 8.00 a.m. 

Seats: Minimum 20; Maximum 50

Class timings and days : Every Tuesday and Wednesday 8.00 am to 10.00 a m (tentative)

Assessment Pattern:

Written examination 50 marks

Viva-voce 20 marks

Dissertation 30 marks

Total 100 marks


Course Contents:

Module I: Theoretical/ Philosophical /jurisprudential Approach

Module II: International & Regional Human Rights Approach

Module III: Human Rights under Domestic Laws and case laws

Module IV: Judiciary and Human rights

Module V: Human Rights of various vulnerable persons and groups

Module VI: Study of various commissions on Human Rights

Module VII: a) Media & human rights

  1. b) Public Participation & human rights
  2. c) NGOs & INGOs and human rights

Module VIII: Humanitarian Laws

  1. a) Human Rights & Development
  2. b) Human Rights & Right to self determination

Module IX: Project/Dissertations on various Human Rights topics/issues

Module X: Practical and Legal Training

Duration: 2 semesters OMA IN HUMAN RIGHTS AND LAW