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Diploma in Housing Laws 2021-22

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Pune announces Diploma in Housing Laws
About the Institute

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies was established in 1991 with an object to promote research in law and to conduct courses on different laws, helpful to the society in general. The target audience for these courses were principally the common man. The courses are designed and directed to promote legal awareness, to spread general knowledge of law not only to professionals but also amongst lay people, commoner and persons engaged in various pursuits. These courses are designed to create a distinct and quality legal culture amongst the Indian community, which is supportive of the rule of law. IALS has been consistently and regularly conducting intensive shot term diploma and certificate courses programs

About the Course
The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies announced the Diploma in Housing Laws in the year 1995. The course on Housing laws trains the entrants with legal and practical information about the laws related to immovable property, housing and real estate, in India. Housing is an important aspect of life and also an important source of investment. With the increasing urbanization in the recent decades, group housing has become a norm in most of the urban centers. The course aims at providing a platform to familiarize the candidates, laws relevant to buying or leasing a house, open land, agricultural and non-agricultural property, law relating to cooperative housing societies, law of ownership flats and apartment-owners, law related to Stamp and Registration of conveyances. The course is primarily designed to educate the common man about the complexities of laws related to buying a house. The course is also designed to train the professionals, like the Architects, Civil Engineers, and Property Developers, Promoters and Builders, Property Owners, Government Undertakings, engaged in housing construction.


“I presume that IALS is the only institution which is providing a diploma in Housing Laws in the entire country. I must appreciate that the diploma was as extensive as the word “housing”. Not only did it deal with Real Estate as a subject, but also laid a secure foundation on the aspects of revenue, transfer inter vivos, transfer by law and contract. The subjects and topics covered in the diploma were perfectly crafted and designed to give the word ‘housing’ an exhaustive approach. The proficiency, experience and knowledge of the resource persons are to be applauded. In view of the Pandemic and a state of disarray, the IALS has delivered even better than expected with minimal technical difficulties and maximum administrative support. The best part of this diploma has been the simplicity it has maintained.”
Aditya Kharkar
(Batch of 2020-21)
“The IALS has organized an excellent course.  The coordinators were all the time available and focused. The material was good and this is the only course in India. The course gave an excellent opportunity and infrastructure to learn. I must also mention I have yet to learn enough about the housing laws and will continue to invest my time to learn more. I shall continue to express my utmost respect, all the time, at every opportunity and my sincere gratitude to ILS and the team.”
Rajendra Singh
(Batch of 2020-21)

Date of Commencement: 4th January 2022
Duration: 3 months
Fee: Rs. 20000+Rs. 3600 (18% GST) = Rs. 23,600/-
Programme Structure: Online live class-  Approximately 32 sessions between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. every day for five days a week (Monday to Friday).
Who can attend?: Any graduate from any stream.

Programme coordinator
Ms. Sathya Narayan, Director, IALS
Ms. Pooja Kannurkar, Research Associate, IALS

Ms. Manjusha Gurjar – 9422060258
Email: [email protected]

Click Here for the Course Flyer.

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Click Here for Course Syllabus. 

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