Certificate Programme on Intellectual Property Rights Laws

Certificate Programme on Intellectual Property Rights Laws

Worried about somebody copying your meme? Worried about somebody stealing your design? Wondering how Banaras Saree is being sold at Mumbai? Worried about somebody else using your name to sell goods? Don’t know what to do? Explore the domain of IPR and what legal repercussions entail such acts of copying and mal intended acts.

Objectives of the Course –

The course aims to provide the following:

  • Basic knowledge on the various branches of Intellectual Property Law
  • Holistic understanding of the legalities of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Discuss contemporary issues in Intellectual Property Laws
  • Understanding intricacies involved in drafting filings for Intellectual Property registration
  • Analyzing development of Intellectual Property

Topics which will be covered

  • Basics of Intellectual Property Law
  • Transacting and Contracting IP
  • Filing and Prosecution (Patents and Trademarks)
  • Media, Sports and IPR
  • IP and Technology Law
  • IPR and Public Policy
  • Competition law and Intellectual Property law
  • IP – Infringement and Passing Off (Litigation)
  • Interface of IPR and Taxation Law
  • Contemporary Issues in IPR

 Teaching Methodology –

  • Interactive lectures will be conducted by eminent academicians, practicing lawyers and IP professionals.
  • One day National Conference/Seminar on IPR*.


Assessment will consist of:

  • An MCQ test
  • Research paper/article

 Eligibility for Participation –

  • Students from any discipline.
  • Professionals from all disciplines.

 Dates for Course: 29th January 2019 to 14th February 2019

Timing of lectures: 5 PM to 8 PM              (Weekdays)

                                     12 Noon to 5 PM **    (Weekends)

Number of Seats: 100

Registration and Mode of Payment Online only

Registration Fees:  Rs. 8000/- (Inclusive of GST)

This registration fees for certificate course includes participation in National Conference/Seminar on IPR. 

NO Accommodation shall be provided to any of the participants enrolled for the certificate course.


Please upload scanned copy of your College Identity Card or any Identity proof for the purpose of Registration in place of scanned copy of registration Form.

Requirements – Participants are expected to read the provided reading material for every session before hand and actively participate in the discussions.

Certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course***.

*Details of Conference will be out soon on college website.     **Timings are subject to change

***Attendance for all sessions is mandatory.


Last Date of Registration: 26th January 2019.

Contact details

(A) Faculty coordinator: Dr. Suvarna S Nilakh,   Email ID: suvarna.nilakh@ilslaw.in

(B) Student coordinators:

Chaitanya Reddy       (8143593098)                                   Email ID: iprcell@ilslaw.in

Pranita Saboo            (9404509717)                                  

Shreya Kunwar          (8777295355)