Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence & Forensic Science, 2019-20


 General Instructions

 Eligibility –Practicing lawyers and students of  I LLB on wards and III  B.A LLB. on wards.

 Tentative Course Schedule:

    Admission:                                                              9th August, 2019 to 25th August, 2019

    Duration of the course                                            August 3rd week till End of February, 2020

    Written Examination:                                              February last week.

    Number of Lectures weekly:                                  2 Days  (2-3 hours each)                                

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Fee Structure:

For Students of ILS Law College                  : Rs. 20,000/- including GST

For Candidates from Other Institutions         : Rs. 23, 000/- including GST


  1. Submission of Research Paper and presentation – (Marks 30 + 20)
  2. Maintaining of Journal (Marks 50)
  3. Written Examination ( Marks 50)

50 Passing in all the components of assessment is mandatory.

75% of Attendance in lectures conducted is compulsory.