15th Remembering S.P. Sathe Conference (Online): Forensic Science and Technology vis-a-vis Criminal Justice System: Challenges and Threats

This Event is postponed until further notice!

However, please note that  last date for submission of abstract is extended till 30th March 2021

Technological revolution has brought a paradigm shift in the fields of forensic science. DNA profiling, lie detector tests , narco-analysis are some of the most obvious and striking examples of such merger of scientific discovery, technological advancement and forensic application in criminal justice delivery system. There is an increased resort to the application of new technological advancements in forensic science to criminal investigation. The benefits are many fold; but primarily it has the potential to strongly increase the speed and efficacy of criminal investigation. While on the other hand the application of forensic tools have led to moral, legal and physical abuse of individuals. Use of forensic tools in criminal justice system raises serious issues of privacy rights and violation of human rights.

Essentially forensic science has to operate in a legal context. There are constitutional and other legal constraints on how a criminal investigation can be carried out. It also raises concerns about reliability and relevance of scientific evidence in criminal trials. Therefore it is necessary set out the rules regarding validity, reliability, admissibility and acceptability of scientific and digital evidence in criminal trials.

Thus,  it has become increasingly necessary to analyze and comprehend the legal implication of advanced technology and forensic science in context of our legal system. The Conference will provide a unique interdisciplinary platform for intellectuals from the field of science, technology and law to discuss, exchange and share their experiences and deliberate on how law can regulate and effectively utilize potential of advanced technology and science to bolster the deliverance of justice in the criminal justice system.

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