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Alumni Meet 2018

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Rhetoric : Elocution competition


War: Means or an End! जंग : एक साधन या अंत ! युद्ध : संधी का अंत !
●        Coexistence of War and Peace in the 21st century. A Myth or a Reality?

●        Peace talks: does it help in preventing a War ?

●        Why do we say “war on terrorism” when war itself is terrorism?

●     21वीं सदी में युद्ध और शांति का सह-अस्तित्व -एक मिथक या हकीकत?

●     शांति संधि : जंग का अंत ?

●     “आतंक के खिलाफ़ जंग” क्यों कहा जाता है, जब जंग ही आतंक है ?

●        २१व्या शतकात युद्ध आणि शांततेचे सहअस्तित्व- मिथक का वास्तव्य?

●        शांतता चर्चेचे युद्ध प्रतिबंधित करण्यात योगदान

●        ‘दहाशतवादावर युद्ध’ ही संज्ञा का वापरवी जर युद्ध स्वतःच दहाशतवाद आहे?


  • The participants may choose only one of the above-mentioned topics.
  • Maximum time allotted for elocution is 5 + 1 minutes.
  • Participants are requested to adhere to the time limit.
  • Languages used can be English/ Hindi/ Marathi.
  • The speech of the participants should be based on self-composed content.
  • Participants are not supposed to read out from paper/ mobile/ laptop.
  • Quotes/References from any poem/book/article written by others are to be acknowledged in speech.
  • In case of alleged Abusive / unparliamentary language and indecent behavior, the participant may be disqualified.
  • Obscenity of any kind, is not allowed and may lead to disqualification.
  • Participants have to arrange their own travel and accommodation. No travel/accommodation allowances will be provided by the host college.
  • Every participant will be allotted a code and will be called out using only the code. College name shall not be disclosed at any stage. Disclosure/indication of college identity will result in direct disqualification.
  • Eligibility of participants: students pursuing any Graduation/ Post Graduation from a recognized institution within the Pune district.
  • Any student enrolled in an institution of higher education is eligible for participation in this contest.
  • Decision of the Judges will be final and binding on all teams and no objections shall be entertained.
  • Marking criteria: –
    1. Expression and Style
    2. Knowledge of the subject
    3. Originality
    4. Body Language
    5. Fluency
  • Please note: The host college will allow a maximum of 30 participants only on first come first basis.