Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence & Forensic Science : Registration Date Extended till 9th Oct

Indian Law Society, Pune, announces autonomous Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence & Forensic Science

Objectives of the Course:

Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic science play a very important role in criminal law justice system. It helps in determination of the guilt of a suspected criminal, and ascertains various facts in a case by scientifically testing various types of evidences collected during criminal investigation. A Prosecutor or a Judge is an expert in the field of law but may lack in-depth scientific knowledge, which may be necessary in different cases to ascertain the facts and circumstances of the case in order to prove the case “beyond reasonable doubts” and to attribute criminal liability to the accused person. Therefore, expert opinion of scientists and doctors are invited by the courts whenever evidences are scientifically examined. The aim of this course is to explain the concept of forensic science and its role in criminal law.

This course will give an in-depth knowledge and understanding as to collection and testing of scientific evidence in various crimes, and how the result of these tests and expert opinion are relevant during criminal investigations and trials.

Course Duration 5 Months
Time 5 Pm -7 Pm
Total Seats 60
Schedule of Classes Three days a week
Mode of Teaching Hybrid
Course Type Online. Field visits and examination shall be conducted in offline mode.


  1. Students of  IIIrd, IV th, Vth year BA LLB or
  2. Students of Ist, IInd and III rd year of LLB or
  3. Advocates, Academicians
  4. Police Officers
  5. Graduation in any faculty
1 Dissertation 50
2 Presentation 20
3 Written Examination 30

Course Fee: Rs. 25,000 +   Rs. 4500  (GST @18%) =  Rs. 29,500/- 

Payment mode:  Online.  Only through Direct SBI, Net Banking and Credit Card.  

Debit Cards payments are not acceptable.

Registration: 30th August 2023 to 25th September 2023

The Course will commence from the 10th October 2023.

Note: The course shall run with registrations of minimum 25 students. 

For Admission related queries, contact : 

Mrs. Smita Wadikar, Admission Coordinator on smita.wadikar@ilslaw.in

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