The Internal (Written) Examination – Regular of I, II,III, IV,V BA.LL.B/ I, II,III LL.B/ I B.B.A.,
LL.B – II Semester is scheduled from 1st April 2024 in offline mode.  Read the instructions given below carefully.

Instructions for Internal (Written) Exams:
1. The duration of the exam shall be 30 mins. 
2. Students with disabilities will be allowed 10 minutes extra to complete their exam.
3. For the provision of a scribe or extra time, contact the college examination officer.
4. The students will be given 2 Questions (10 marks each), out of which they must attempt
ANY ONE question only. 
5. No RETEST shall be conducted in case a student remains absent for the Internal
(Written) Examination.
6. Students should carry their college ID card with them on the day of the exam. 
7. Students cannot carry any smartphones/smartwatches on their person during the exam. 
8. Bags/smartphones/smartwatches are not allowed in the examination hall and shall be kept out side the examination hall  at the risk of the Students. 
9. Students are allowed entry into the examination hall only up to five minutes after the start
of the exam. 
10. The Internal (Written) Examination – Backlog of I, II,III, IV,V BA.LL.B/ I, II, III LL.B/ I
B.B.A., LL.B shall be conducted on the 10th and 11th of April 2024. 


Click Here for the syllabus.

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