ILS Legal Aid Centre:Call for Student Members - 2020-21






Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well!


First of all we are grateful to our dear students for their overwhelming participation and contribution in various activities of ILS Legal Aid Centre during the last academic year i.e. 2019-20.

With this amazing response of our students, we successfully conducted various activities like Legal Aid Clinics, Legal Literacy Camps, Street Play Competition, Seminars, Training Programs and offered internships at Narmada Bachaon Andolan, Muktipath, Tadamon -the Multicultural and Refugee Council, Egypt, etc. All these activities of the Centre served twin purpose of giving free legal services to poor and needy and to impart practical training to students.


The ILS Legal Aid Centre is committed to bring better change and will continue its pledge of greater service to the society even though our movements are restricted with the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic. We abide by our commitment to impart Clinical Legal Education and provide social-legal services to the needy and poor segments of the community and therefore we will continue our work virtually!

We thus invite you to be a part of the Legal Aid Centre in large numbers for this academic year as well.

The link for registration with ILS Legal Aid Centre is given below:-



Kindly register on or before 13th August 2020.


Dr. Suvarna S Nilakh

Faculty Coordinator