Remembering S.P.Sathe :12th National Workshop on Curriculum and Learning Outcome of Legal Education


25th and 26th May 2018

Extended Date for Submission of papers & registration: 24/05/2018



Indian Law Society, is pleased to invite participation and submissions for Remembering S.P.Sathe: 12th National Workshop on Curriculum & Learning Outcome of Legal Education scheduled from 25th to 26th of May 2018. This year the Conference in Remembering S.P.Sathe Event will be conducted in the form of a workshop. We are currently witnessing an unprecedented transformation in the legal profession and legal education. The demand for legal professionals has evolved in almost all spheres of life- from social, economic, political to the contemporary changes in Technological advancements.

We at ILS believe that the mainstream, traditional Legal Education Institutions produce legal professionals for most of the legal fields in India. It is thus, important to strengthen them and reform the curriculum to cater to these fields in a better manner.

The last work on Curriculum Development of Law was by the Bar Council of India in 2010-11. Report of the Curriculum Development Committee of the Bar Council India on Law Curriculum (15th February 2010 Report) reflects an attempt to involve the stakeholder perspective. The report recommends innovative program structures. However, these innovations and requirements of legal field call for promising opportunities as well as challenges. One of such challenges is evolving the law curriculum with the inputs from all the stakeholders in legal fraternity and legal education right from academicians, Legal Education institutions, litigating lawyers, senior law firm partners, administrators to judges.

The workshop aims at bringing together academic scholars, senior professionals from legal field, policy makers, regulatory authorities and members of the Bar and the Bench to deliberate, discuss and guide on formulation of law curriculum to meet the needs of legal profession and ends of justice.  The workshop would witness an array of backgrounds and perspectives of its contributors in determining the parameters of curriculum development, teaching learning methodologies and evaluation pattern.

Structure of the Workshop: The workshop is spanned over a period of 2 days with sessions by experts deliberating and discussing on principles of drafting of Law Curriculum, effective law teaching and objective evaluation. The panel will comprise of legal experts representing the judiciary, academia, litigation, and law firms or policy makers. The panel shall present their respective views on evolving a curriculum based on their expertise. The workshop would include hands on activity of drafting curriculum, teaching/ session plans and evaluation scheme or question paper on an identified course/ subject. The presenters shall present the drafts in the concluding session.


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Submission guidelines: The participants should submit an abstract of maximum 300 words and full paper of 1500 to 3000 words explaining the gaps, recommendations or suggestions for changes in the curriculum or teaching or evaluation of any one of the law courses/subjects of your choice. The recommendations or suggestions shall be based on your experience, research or observation as a teacher, practitioner, professional or as a law student. The papers should not be published or presented anywhere else and should be original.

Format & Mode of Submission : All submissions must be sent in word-format (.doc or .docx), formatted in Times New Roman, 12 point font size and 1.5 line spacing. References and footnotes shall be in the same font style, 10-point font size and 1.0 line spacing. Citations must be in the form of footnotes and conform to the latest edition of Harvard Bluebook.

Papers shall be submitted at


Selected papers will be published in ILS Law Review, however, the submitted papers shall not be presented at the workshop. ILS reserves the exclusive right to publish the submitted and selected papers.

Last Date for Submission of papers & registration: 15/05/2018

Registration: for details on registration log on

Registration Fees:

Inclusive of GST, Reading Material & lunch only.

Rs. 2500/- (Two Thousand & five hundred Rupees) – with paper for Professionals &  Law Teachers                                                                                            

Rs. 3000/- (Three Thousand Rupees)                           –  without paper for professionals &  Law Teachers                                                                                                   

Rs. 600/- (Six Hundred Rupees)                                     –   with paper for students

Rs. 1200/- (Twelve Hundred Rupees)                           –   without paper for students


Accommodation: Participants will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation. However, the Organising Committee may assist in finding accommodation.

Participation open:

for Law Teachers (preferably with minimum 3 years’ experience), Practicing Lawyers, Law Professionals and Law Students (Preferably final year or pursuing LL.M.).

Faculty Coordinators:

  1. Ms. Swatee Yogessh 
  2. Ms. Rajalaxmi Joshi

Student Coordinator :

  1. Hrucha Dhamdhere (IInd LLB) – (+91) 8087446542

Contact details: