National Seminar on “Unveiling Ventures of Intellectual Property law”

Date : 15 February 2019


Time : 10:45 AM to 5:00 PM


The ILS IPR Cell is organizing One Day National Seminar on: “Unveiling Ventures of Intellectual Property Law”. This Seminar is being organized to introduce participants to the practical aspects of Intellectual Property Law. Intellectual Property Law (IP) refers to creations of the intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to designated owner by law. Intellectual property rights (IPRs) are the protections granted to the creators of IP. Intellectual Property law has evolved for centuries and by late 20th century, it became common place in majority of the world.

Topics to be covered:-

  • Non-Conventional IPRs in India
  • Changing Dimensions of Patent Regime in India”
  • IPR and Biodiversity in India
  • Interface of IPR and Competition Law

List of Speakers:-

  1. Dr. Feroz Ali Khader, MHRD IPR Chair, IIT Madras
  2. Ms. Sunita Sridharan CEO, SKS Law Associates
  3. Dr. Arul George Scaria Faculty, NLU Delhi
  4. Rahul Ajatshatru Founder and Principal Attorney, AJATSHATRU Chambers

Who Can Participate?

  1. Law students from all courses.
  2. Academicians
  3. Jurists
  4. Legal practitioners
  5. Professionals from law firms
  6. IP Professionals
  7. Corporate counsels
  8. Medical professionals and practitioners
  9. Public health activists
  10. Authors
  11. Actors, dramatists and cultural performers
  12. Professional comedians
  13. Enthusiasts of the laws of Constitution, Taxation, IPR and Competition

Participation shall be in the form of attendance and interaction in sessions.

Registration Procedure and Fee Schedule : 

Students (ILS) Rs. 400/- inclusive of GST
Students ( Non-ILS) Rs. 700/- inclusive of GST
Professionals Rs. 1000/- inclusive of GST


Fee is inclusive of the reading material, lunch and Certificate of participation (only for outside ILS) for the participants

All payments shall be made online through the link

Last Date of Registration: 10th February 2019.



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    3. (b) PRANITA SABOO            +91-9404509717

    5. (c) SHREYA KUNWAR         +91- 8777295355

    7. (d) SURABHI SMITA             +91- 7021409156