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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well!

The ILS Legal Aid Centre is committed to bring better change and will continue its pledge of greater service to the society even though our movements are restricted with the outbreak of COVID- 19 pandemic. We abide by our commitment to impart Clinical Legal Education and provide social-legal services to the needy and poor segments of the community and therefore we will continue our work virtually!

We thus invite you to be a part of the Legal Aid Centre in large numbers for this academic year as well.

Proposed Activities for Academic year 2021-22 are: –

  1. Participation in Lok Adalat
  2. Online lectures for school and college students
  3. Preparation of Handbook
  4. Online legal aid services by contacting gram panchayats/ municipal corporations etc
  5. Providing legal aid services to NGOs
  6. Conducting Survey/ Doctrinal Research

The link for registration with ILS Legal Aid Centre is given below: –

Kindly register on or before 29th September 2021.

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. Suvarna Nilakh                                      Ms. Divya Mittal                                        Ms. Ninawari ware