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Instructions  for First Term and Second Term Subjects

It is hereby notified that students who have not appeared for equivalence and backlog written test or viva voce examinations of first term subjects, should contact the either Ms. Varsha Khandagale ([email protected]) or Ms. Vindhya Gupta ([email protected]) on or before 25th November 2021 for getting their internal examinations scheduled.

The students should include their roll no., class, subject for which exam is to be given (written, viva, or both) in the email.

No queries regarding scheduling of backlog or equivalence internal examination shall be entertained after 25th November 2021.

Click Here for the Question papers to be submitted on 10th Dec. 2021 before the viva voce examination.

Instructions for examination –

  1. Internal examination for backlog and equivalence papers (Second Term – Even Semester) will be conducted from 6th to 11th December 2021.
  2. The examination consists of
    1. Written assignment – 10 Marks
    2. Viva – Voce examination – 10 Marks
  3. The syllabus for the exam, timetable for written assignments and viva is attached herewith.
  4. The scanned copy of the written assignments in a single pdf file must be submitted by emailing it to the teacher mentioned in the timetable. Care must be taken that multiple images or multiple files of one assignment are not sent.
  5. The assignment must be written in clear and legible handwriting and must be for not more than 1000 words.
  6. The content of the assignments must be original, plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  7. The written assignment must mention the name of the student, class, division and roll number clearly on the first page.
  8. The questions of written assignment of internal examination scheduled on a particular day will be displayed on the previous day on the website at 8 pm. The students must complete their assignment well before their viva and he/she has to email his/her written assignment to the teacher conducting the viva and then appear for the viva.
  9. The link of viva is mentioned in the timetable. Students must join the meet at the time when the viva begins.
  10. While appearing for the viva – voce examination, the students must be dressed decently. They must keep their camera on ‘ON’ mode.
  11. It is the responsibility of the students to appear for the examination as per the scheduled displayed. The faculty members will not call the student, and if the student does not appear during the scheduled time, he will be marked absent.
  12. Availability of devices, internet facility, etc. is the sole responsibility of the student. Student must take care that his device is in working condition and he has internet connectivity as well as power supply during the time of exam. For any failure in fulfillment of this condition, the student will be solely responsible and the college will not be responsible in any manner.
  13. Students having backlog and/or equivalence papers of first term of I and II BALLB and I and II LLB can appear for those papers whenever the internal examination for regular students is conducted.

Click Here for the Syllabus.

Click Here for the time-table.