Notice Period


Time Table for DTL 2021-22

Dear Students,

ILS Law College, Pune will conduct online classes for first term of the academic year 2021-22. For DTL All the students shall join and attend the online classes as per the timetable already published on the college website. 75% attendance to the lectures is compulsory.

Following are the details of the conduct of online classes:

  1. The lectures will be delivered by faculty members as per the time table through G-suite Meet.
  2. Respective faculty members will schedule the lecture and share the Meeting Id or Link with the students.
  3. Students can join the meet using smart phones or computers.
  4. Students will have to use the GSuite Meet App and log in with the help of meeting id or meeting link shared by the faculty.
  5. The students shall join the meeting using ONLY ILS EMAIL ID provided by the college. Students trying to enter the meet using personal email ids will not be allowed to enter the class in any situation. Hence, ensure that your devices (smartphones or computers) are logged in using ILS EMAIL IDS.
  6. The students shall not keep their audios or videos in ‘ON’ mode during the meeting unless and until required by the faculty member.
  7. Students must maintain discipline during the online lectures.
  8. Faculty members reserve the right to remove the students from the lectures for misbehavior.
  9. Attendance of the students will be recorded by the faculty members.
  10. Recording of the online lectures will not be shared with the students.
  11. For each subject, a google classroom will also be created by the concerned faculty member, by adding the ils email ids of the students. The google classroom will be used by the faculty members for posting announcements, notices, sharing reading material and accepting assignments, if any. The students must accept the invite sent by the faculty member to join the google classroom in order to become a member of the classroom. Only those students who have accepted the google classroom invite will be able to receive the announcements, reading material and be able to submit assignments, if any.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!


Click Here for the time table.