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Syllabi for Backlog/Equivalence Students-Internal Written Examination 2020-21 I, II LLB and I, II, III BALLB

Internal Examination for students having backlog in and equivalence students who have to appear for papers in odd and even semesters of I, II LL.B. and I, II, III B.A.LL.B. is scheduled.  It comprises of 20 marks – 10 marks for written examination and 10 marks for viva voce, except for practical training paper.

Internal written examination for Backlog and Equivalence Students of 10 marks theory subject for Odd and Even Semesters, is scheduled during 26th October 2020 to 31st October 2020. Schedule for viva voce will be communicated later.

Click Here for the syllabus for the written examination.

Following are the general rules for the examination –

  • Each student shall write his / her answer in his / her own legible handwriting and submit the clear and visible scanned handwritten answer on Email Ids provided. Answer to the question must not run in more than 1000 words in all subjects except English. In English, the answers may not run for more than 500 words.
  • The questions shall be displayed on the website on the day of the examination at 8.00 a.m. The students shall submit the answers of those questions by 8.00 p.m. on the same day.
  • Students are expected to write in their own words. They should avoid plagiarism or writing word by word from the book.
  • Disabled students may submit the answer either in the typed form or with the help of the writer. They will be given additional two hours for submission. For the same, prior permission of the College Examination Officer, Mr. D.P. Kendre  (dnyaneshwar.[email protected])  is mandatory.

Click Here for the Schedule of the Internal Written Examination for Backlog / Equivalence Students – Odd Semesters

Click Here for the Schedule of Internal Written Examination for Backlog or Equivalence Students– Even Semesters

Click Here for Email Ids for submission of Internal Examination – Scanned Copy of Hand – Written Answer Sheets