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Practical Training Paper III - Journal Submission in Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance- Third Year LL.B

Practical Training Paper III – Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance

 A}  The written submissions (Journal) shall include the following :

  1.      Seven Drafts : These seven drafts must be on the topics assigned by the teacher.
  2.      Report on interaction session organized by teacher in class : This report shall include:-
  • Purpose of the Interaction
  • Observations / Information Collected by the student
  • Relevant Provisions of Law
  • Comments on Linkage between Law and Practice

B}  Format for submission :

  1. Page 1 should be a Covering Page. Page 2 should be the Index Page. Click Here for the Templet of Cover page and Index Page of the Journal.
  2. The index page will be followed by the contents of the journals as required by part A above. In index page, the titles of the seven drafts must be mentioned.
  3. Submission has to be handwritten, scanned, and in the form of PDF file.
  4. The file should be named with the name followed by roll number of the student.

 C}  Date for Submission :

          Submission to be made on Google Class room on 20th November 2020, by 8 p.m.