Notice Period



The online examination is scheduled to start on 18th October, 2021. Kindly read the below instructions carefully before attempting the Mock examination and the actual examination.
  1. The exam will be conducted in truly online mode from any location suitable for him/her.
  2. Candidates can attempt examinations from any Smartphone/Laptop/computer connected to the internet.
  3. Broadband Internet connectivity of minimum 256 Kbps speed is required throughout the exam period.
  4. Use the latest version of browser, use CHROME ONLY.
  5. The link for attempting your examination is
  6. Once you login to this link, enter a unique username and password shared with you on your registered phone number and ILS email ids. Please check the subjects emailed to you. If there is any discrepancy, kindly email us at [email protected]
  7. Using Web camera/Smartphone camera is mandatory to attempt this online exam. Web camera should be connected to the PC/Laptop/Smartphone on which the exam is being attempted and it should be always in ON mode. If the web camera is disconnected from the PC/Laptop or the Smartphone camera is turned off any time during the exam, then the exam will stop immediately. The exam can be started only when the camera is connected again & then the exam will resume from the point where it had stopped earlier.
  8. Candidate should position him/herself in front of the camera appropriately with his/her face being clearly visible & s/he should ensure that s/he is being properly recorded by the camera throughout the exam.
  9. Please ensure that the face is clearly visible in the camera preview window on the exam screen.
  10. Ensure that the surrounding area is well illuminated (with proper lights) for clear visibility.
  11. The candidate should ensure that no other person is present in the room while attempting the exam.
  12. The candidate should ensure that their device has a MIC in a working condition.
  13. Make sure that there is no noise in the background during the exam.
  14. While attempting the examination, no other application or webpage should be opened except the provided exam software.
  15. Switching, minimizing or closing the exam window is not allowed during the exam.
  16. Following activities are strictly prohibited during the exam:
    1. Use of electronic devices, Stationery items like textual material, Calculator, Pen Drives, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner etc. However, use of rough pages and pen/pencil, only for paper of General Principles of Economics is permissible.
    2. Use of devices like Headphones, Bluetooth, Earphones, Pager, Health Band etc.
    3. Use of multiple devices for attempting the exam.
  17. It is the candidate’s sole responsibility to be properly dressed during the online examination and be mindful of the fact that a video recording is being done. The candidate should ensure a proper posture and also place the camera correctly so that there is no indecent exposure.
  18. The action performed by the candidate on the exam window interface will be recorded throughout the exam duration. Also candidate’s continuous live recording shall happen while attempting the exam. IP address of your computer will also be recorded during the exam.
  19. This recorded information will be used only for the purpose of ensuring fairness and transparency in conduct of the exam & this recording will be solely used for the purpose of monitoring the exam.
  20. The recorded data will be automatically uploaded to the server during and after the completion of the exam.
  21. You cannot login from more than one system/device, if you are already logged in through some system/device, you have to log out first from other devices and then login.
  22. You must agree to terms and conditions visible on the screen after logging in, to commence the test.
  23. Exam window is available only for the designated time marked in the schedule.
  24. Start buttons appear only for the designated time marked in the schedule.
  25. Please refresh the browser if you can’t see the button on the scheduled time.
  26. Once you start the Exam the Timer on the screen will start and show the time which is left. After completion of 60 minutes (within the scheduled three hours) your exam will end automatically (80 mins for students with disability).
  27. Students cannot end the exam before 30 minutes after they started with their attempt. On completion of 30 minutes, the tab of END TEST will be activated.
  28. Exams will be automatically marked as completed when the scheduled end-time of the exam is reached.
  29. The Medium of the paper and answers will be English only.
  30. There will be 60 questions of 1 mark each. Out of these 60 questions, students will be marked for correct 50 responses. There is no negative marking for incorrect responses.
  31. Only one question will be visible at a time on the screen. Click your answer out of the options given. To change the answer selection, simply click the desired option.
  32. Click on the SAVE AND NEXT button to save your answer. Unless and until you click on SAVE AND NEXT the answer would not be saved.
  33. You can SKIP the question by clicking on SKIP. If before skipping the concerned question, the student has answered it, the answer of that skipped question will not be saved.
  34. You can move between the questions with or without attempting it.
  35. If you are doubtful about the answer given and want to review it later, you can click on ‘MARK FOR REVIEW’. If you don’t review your answer before the end of the exam, the answer already given will be saved as the final answer.
  36. To directly go to a question, click on the question number in the Question Palette on the right hand side of the screen.
  37. The colour coded diagram on the right side of the screen shows the status of the questions –
    1. White – You have not visited the question.
    2. Red – You have not answered the question.
    3. Green – You have answered the question.
  38. For ending the exam, students must click on the tab ‘END TEST’. The system will ask the students to enter their password. Only upon entering the password, the exam will be ended.
  39. After completing the exam, the student will be able to see the summary showing total questions, total answered questions and duration taken by the student.
  40. When the stipulated time gets over, the assessment will be submitted automatically and no changes can be made after that.
  41. If there is power failure or network problem while attempting the exam, the student can login again after the problem is resolved and attempt the exam. If by mistake, the student closes the exam window, the student will have to login again.
  42. When the student logs out of the exam and re-logins, due to an internet connectivity issue, closing of exam window or any other reasons, his attempted questions and their answers will be saved.
  43. Mock test will be made available on 16th OCTOBER, 2021 from 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm consisting of 60 questions to be attempted in one hour. Students should take the mock exam and get accustomed to the exam interface and ensure that everything works on the Smartphone/Laptop/computer used for Mock exam. It is strongly recommended that the system used for the Mock exam shall be used for the Final exam. Multiple  attempts of the mock text may be taken by the students within the scheduled time. 
  44. Final Examination can be attempted from 18th OCTOBER, 2021 as per the time table. The exam can be attempted only on the scheduled dates and within the scheduled time frame. The candidate should plan accordingly.
  45. Availability of the hardware, software, Internet, power backup, device with camera at the time of the exam is the sole responsibility of the candidate and the College will not be responsible for any delay in the exam due to failure of the above-mentioned resources at the candidate’s side. No time extension shall be given in any case and no such calls will be entertained. Hence candidates should ensure and plan accordingly the availability of the proper backup and alternate resources. The expenses incurred for making the above setup ready for the exam shall be borne by the candidate themselves.
  46. College may disqualify the candidate if the candidate fails to follow the pre-examination instructions or violates the terms and conditions of online examination or Savitribai Phule Pune University Rules or has supplied false or incorrect or incomplete information, or is found using unfair means as per rules of Savitribai Phule Pune University.

In case of any difficulty, both prior and during the examination, you can reach us at:

Examination Help Desk –

For B.A.LL.B. – Mr. Ashish Pawar – +91 8446712989 and  Ms. Ninawari Ware – +919130024440

For LL.B. – Dr. Swatee Yogessh -+91 8788915378 and Ms. Vindhya Gupta – +91 9889884602

Email at – [email protected]

Examination Chief Conductor – Dr. Sanjay Jain

Examination Observer – Mr. Dnyaneshwar Kendre – +919284366532

Examination Senior Supervisor – Ms. Varsha Khandagale – +919689816875

Click Here for the time table.