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C-TIM’s Tech-IP Week, 2023


The Center for Technology, IPR, and Media Laws (C-TIM)
C-TIM’s Tech-IP Week, 2023


The Center for Technology, IPR, and Media Laws (C-TIM), in the spirit of promoting Technology, Media, and Intellectual Property Law amongst the ILS student fraternity, is pleased to announce its flagship event ‘The Tech-IP Week, 2023‘. We have curated an entire week of exciting and fun competitions for all batches for you to learn and enjoy.

About the Competitions:-

  • Tech-IP Case and Legislation Analysis Competition: The objective of this competition is to help the students critically examine loopholes in legislations, statutes, and cases that they come across every day as law students. The participants will be given a particular case or a piece of legislation and will be asked to critically examine the bill within a stipulated time.
  • TIM Quiz Competition: The objective of the quiz competition is to encourage and reward a wide scope of awareness and knowledge regarding Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, and Media laws, allowing participants to actively display their knowledge of these fields.
  • IP Strategizing Competition: The right Intellectual Property (IP) strategy can be crucial in deciding who wins the market race. IP is the most valuable asset of any business. Regardless of the product or service offered, as a startup or an SME, you are likely to use and create a large amount of IP regularly. This competition intends to give the students practical experience in structuring and formulating an IP portfolio for an assigned case.
  • Tech-IP Debate: The Tech-IP debate seeks to encourage participants to critically engage with developments in the fields of law relating to Technology, Intellectual Property Rights and Media laws, requiring participants to identify both flaws and advantages of developing policies and topics, and present their analysis of the same in a succinct, structured manner.
  • IP Legal Notice Drafting Competition: This competition seeks to highlight the importance of drafting notices concerning practical aspects of the lawyer’s profession. The participants would be given a particular case, which could be either dictated to them or given in a written format. They would then have to draft a legal notice of not more than 2 pages based on the given problem in a particular period.

 Schedule and Other details

Name of the Competition Date Max No of Participants/ Teams Link for registration
Tech-IP Case and Legislation Analysis Competition 3rd October 2023 25 Participants (Individual)
Tech-IP & Media – Quiz Competition 4th October 2023 15 Teams of 3 Participants each
IP Strategizing Competition 5th October 2023 15 Teams of 2 Participants each
Tech-IP Debate 6th October 2023 32 Participants (Individual)
 IP Legal Notice Drafting Competition 7th October 2023 20 Participants (Individual)
Declaration of Results and Award Ceremony: 10th October 2023

 The registration starts from 26th September, 2023 at 6:00 PM. The allotments will be on a first come first serve basis so gear up.

For any queries please contact:

  • Amol Gupta: +91-7266966789
  • Sanaya Khadiwala: +91-8149022707
  • Yash Jain: +91-7387102142
  • Aditya Shete: +91-8850107529
  • Samakshi Pandey: +91-7895123735
  • Hardi Satta: +91-9049631603

We invite all of you to participate, volunteer, and experience these exciting challenges!

Faculty Coordinators- Dr. Suvarna Nilakh and Ms. Vindhya Gupta


Click Here for the flyer.