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"Result of 5th ILS National Alternate Judgment Writing Competition, 2017-18: Round 1"

Dear Participants,

Following students have qualified for the Second Round of 5th ILS National Alternate Judgment Writing Competition, 17-18 :

  1.      Deepanshu Shakargaye
  2.      Shraddha Tiwari
  3.      Dhanushwali R.R.
  4.      Neelakshi Sengupta
  5.      Sanghamitra Sengupta


All those who have qualified for the same are required to be at ILS Law College, Pune on 19th March, 2018, from 11.30 AM onwards, in order to present their arguments for the 2nd Round. The details for the rules of the competition have already been provided in the notification. Kindly refer to the same. There is, however, a minor change in the rules. Keeping in mind the performance of the students and the number of students who have qualified for the second round, the college has decided to award only the 1st and 2nd positions, after the second round. The prize for 3rd position has been cancelled. No travelling and accommodation facilities will be provided by the college. We also welcome students who could not qualify for the 2nd Round to be a witness to the arguments of other participants.

Please note that all the students are entitled to get a Participation Certificate, which shall be given after the conclusion of the 2nd Round.


AJW Team

ILS Law College.