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Admission of Ladies Hostel for First Year 2018-19

Kindly Note –

  1. The New Ladies Hostel is not available for occupation as we have not received the Occupancy Certificate from the Pune Municipal Corporation.
  2. As and when the New Ladies Hostel is available for occupation the students from the C- Wing ILS Ladies Hostel will be shifted to the New Ladies Hostel.
  3. The Students will have to pay the difference in the fees proportionately after shifting to the New Ladies Hostel.
  4. Mode of payment of fees is online.

Fees for old Ladies Hostel and C Wing of ILS Ladies Hostel – INR 1, 73,000/-

Fees for New Ladies Hostel – INR 2, 25,000/-

Last Date for Payment is 20/10/2018


Payment Link :


Click Here for Ladies Hostel Admission No. for 2018-19.