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Internal Examination (Viva-voce):Academic Year: 2021-22 : First Term

Instructions for Regular Students  :Viva-voce – 10 Marks

  1. Internal Examination consisting of viva -voce carrying 10 marks will be conducted as per the attached schedule.
  2. This pattern of examination is not applicable for:
    1. Optional Subjects of all classes
    2. Practical Training papers of all years including moot court.
    3. LLB I and BALLB I students
  3. Students should appear for the viva as per the schedule attached.
  4. Syllabus for viva -voce exam would be declared by the subject teachers in the class as well as on the google classroom.
  5. The viva will be conducted in online mode using Google Meet Platform.
  6. Viva-voce will be conducted on the same link on which lecture of the concerned class is conducted.
  7. Students appearing for the viva – voce have to keep their videos and audio on and must be dressed in formals while appearing for viva.
  8. Student ID Card or any other identity proof must be kept handy and be shown once demanded by the teacher.
  9. For smooth conduct of viva, the lectures in which viva – voce exam will be conducted, will be of 1 hour and all the students are required to attend the entire lecture of 1 hour. (Kindly refer to the attached schedule for details)
  10. Lectures for Practical training papers, optional papers and Moot court will continue as per timetable on the assessment day as well. (Kindly refer to the attached schedule for the details)
  11. Strict action would be taken against those indulging in any unfair practices.
  12. Students must ensure the workability of their ICT facilities while appearing for the viva-voce exam.
  13. If due to medical or other genuine unavoidable reasons, a student is unable to appear for the viva on the scheduled day, his viva will be conducted at the end on a day communicated by the college/ subject teacher, on submission of appropriate documents showing reasons for his absence on the allotted day through email to the concerned subject teacher and College Examination officer Mr. Dnyaneshwar Kendre.
  14.  Internal Examination of students having backlog or equivalence papers of first and second term subjects of any class will be conducted later. Notice regarding the same will be uploaded in due course.

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