Notice Priod


Internal Examinations (Viva) : II LL.B. : First Term A.Y. 2023-24

Students of II LL.B. are hereby notified that the Internal (Viva) Examinations for the first term of academic year 2023-24 shall be conducted between December 5, 2023 to December 7, 2023. as per the schedule attached herewith.

Instructions for the Viva-Voce Examination

  1. The syllabus for the same will be declared by the concerned faculty.
  2. The viva voce examination shall be conducted after the class hours.
  3. Students must be dressed in formal black and white attire and must carry their ID cards with them.
  4. No rescheduling of viva-voce examination is allowed.
  • For optional subjects, the viva will be conducted in offline mode, after lectures. The timetable shall be intimated soon by the concerned faculty. For practical training papers, the viva-voce examination will be conducted according to the university directions.

Click Here for the Viva-Voce timetable for II  LL.B.