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Commencement of 1st Year LL.B. (Three Year Law Program) Lectures


Dear Student,

Welcome to ILS Family!

The lectures of the I Year LL.B. program will commence from 18th October 2019 at 7:15 AM. Principal Vaijayanti Joshi will address the Students and parents  at 11.00 AM. after the classes in Principal Pandit Auditorium, Laxmi, Building.

The students are required to register their names outside Principal Pandit Auditorium before the Principal’s Address.  

Click Here for Class-wise timetable.


For Hostel Admissions :

Hostel Fees are for Double Occupancy: INR 52,000/- and for Single Occupancy: INR 67,000/-           
Hostel Caution Money for Fresh admission INR 1,000/- will be additional.

Admission Process :  

Boy’s Hostel Admission Process will be done between 16th & 18th Oct 2019.

1. Those student who are interested in Hostel Admission should purchase Hostel Admission Form from College Office of INR 10/- from Yogesh Sonawane.
2. After that Online Payment of Fees on SBI Collect.

    Link :
   Select “Gent’s Hostel Fees”. Enter Hostel Form No. Fill the details and make the payment through SBI Net Banking, Other            Bank Net Banking, Credit Card, SBI Branch (Cash Deposit).

(Do not use any special character in address)

3. Student should have to fill in Hostel Admission Form, get verified by Jaybhay Sir(Rector).

4. Student have to submit Hostel Form and two copies of Payment Receipt in College Office between 2 pm to 4 pm to                           Priyanka Shinde.
5. Student will get the possession of room on 16th & 18th Oct 2019.