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BALLB – II & LLB - II Viva-voce and Written Assignment-Academic Year – 2021-22 – Second Term

Instructions for Internal Examination

  1. Internal Examination consisting of viva -voce and written assignment carrying 10 marks each will be conducted on every Saturday.
  2. Students will be divided in different groups and an allotted group will appear for internal examination on every Saturday.
  3. The detailed schedule of it will be displayed soon on this page.
  4. The concerned students have to submit the written assignment and also appear for the viva voce on Saturday.
  5. The subject teachers will declare the syllabus of the internal examination for each group in the class and also upload it on the Google Classroom. The syllabus for written assignment and viva – voce will be the same. Only the students who are added in the Google Classroom can see the syllabus. Kindly ensure that you are added in the google classroom of each subject.
  6. This pattern of examination is not applicable for Practical Training papers of LL.B. – II

Instructions for Written Assignment

  1. Questions for written assignments will be uploaded on the google classroom of the concerned subject at 8:00 a.m. on the day of exam. Kindly note that the questions will NOT be displayed on the college website.
  2. The syllabus and questions will be different for each group.
  3. Students will be given 2 Questions (10 marks each), out of which they must attempt ANY ONE question only. Word limit for the same will be 1000 words.